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About Us: David Murphy's Bio

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youth and early adult life. David was the only black person in his department and faced discrimination once again! David humbled himself against this unfortunate force that plagued him the majority of his life! He was determined not to return to his former way of life so the anger and bitterness returned. David would bring all sorts of books and literature on blacks that faced discrimination he would read inspirational materials to keep him motivated. David explained that it was extremely difficult to go to work and deal with this situation! He said it was like entering hell every time he went to work. David stood his grounds for himself, his father and his people. He knew that much more was at stake then his personal challenges.

David being human and steadfast in his determination that he was not going to back down. One day he was challenged face to face by a coworker who called him the N word. David became so enraged he said that all those years of dealing with discrimination came to a head! He said that was the straw that broke the camels back!

David said he learned a valuable lesson that day (a mind is a terrible thing to waste). He said he had never ever been that angry before. During his rage he went into the basement of the building

he worked at and poured flammable chemicals onto the paper stock that was stored there. He planned his escape route then lit a match and was about to set the building on fire with more than forty people in it. David quoted never under estimate the power of anger!

David said at that moment when he was about to torch the building an unusual feeling of calmness came to him! For the first time in his life he realized that he was not the problem, it was those individuals that had issues with race. David blew out the match and cried with remorse and relief that he understood that misunderstanding breeds hate, mistrust, and all types of disparities amongst the different races.

David returned to his work station a different man! He began reading a particular piece of literature from the Urban League called The State Of The Union, this was around 1983. This report said that Black spending power was more than 300 billion dollars annually and we owned millions of businesses and services. They equated that amount of capital to the ninth largest country in the world! Unfortunately the report said that Jews, Italians, and other ethnic groups circulate their money as high as seven times amongst each other before it goes out to anyone else! We are the only group in this country that do not circulate or support each other. This is the reason why we are not strong economically.

That night David said he could not sleep, he paced the floor repeatedly for hours. He said that he felt overwhelm and illuminated. Suddenly He began writing for hours, unbeknown to him at the time he ended up writing a business plan. David said that he was truly inspired from that moment on to equal the playing field when it comes to economics in the United States.

David was inspired and motivated to start a discount directory called Togetherness Unlimited, Inc. for black businesses and services. He gave free advertisement to participating businesses if they would offer no less than a five percent discount off of their products and services! He then sold a discount card that would enable consumers

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